Heavy Machinery Seatbelts

Each   year  many  unnecessary  fatalities due  to  inadequate safety restraints occur. In  fact, according to  Worksafe  in Victoria,  5   deaths  can   be   directly    attributed  to  inadequate   safety  restraints  in   Victoria alone during 2001.


Types of  Heavy Machinery Belts:


Most of these type of belts are 3” (76mm) to comply with OSH requirements.


1. Static Seatbelt



2. Retractable Seatbelt

Because they have no ball sensor, they can be mounted at any practical angle.

These retractors are designed to lock once the belt

is extracted and latched into the buckle. They then  

wind in any belt slack and hold the occupant securely in their seat.


3.        Springbelt


Fitting a Springbelt® is a matter of life and death


Whether it’s because they can’t be bothered, they find them unnecessary or they wrongly think it’s safer to try and jump free in an emergency, the fact is that many operators don’t fasten their seat belts. Often with tragic results.


That’s why Autoliv® felt compelled to develop a more practical alternative.


It’s called the Springbelt, because as you can see, it springs up when unbuckled making it a real nuisance and uncomfortable to operate the machine.


Then when it’s buckled, it holds the operator firmly, comfortably and safely in his seat.


A universal fitting kit makes it easy to install Springbelt in all common types of mobile machinery.


A real nuisance when unbuckled

Comfortable and safe when buckled

Easy to install

Fits all common types of mobile machinery