.I have difficulty getting the seatbelts to retract properly.

This is usually caused by the top loop where the belt retracts getting ‘gummed’ up - to remedy this clean the loop (under the belt) and then spray it LIGHTLY with a silicone spray (Under no circumstances should CRC type lubricants be used on any seatbelt  components).


Are replacement buttons available to stop the seatbelt tongue from dropping down all the time?

We have replacement buttons and can fit them while you wait.


I would like to get a 3rd lap/diagonal seatbelt to replace the lapbelt in the centre rear

Recent law changes have meant that this can now only really be successfully fitted to a car (sedan) with a rear parcel shelf (approx $1100-1500). Hatchbacks and stationwagons require major re-engineering and then the seats will not fold down. A very cost effective alternative for parents who are concerned for their children's safety is the Child Harness


The seatbelts in my vehicle are too short

This can often be remedied in one of two ways

1.Extension belt

The seat belt extension can be used in a large number of cars in both front and rear seats. Ideal for the larger occupant where the existing belt is not long enough and when installing a child seat or capsule. The Seat Belt Extension adds around 40cm to the belts overall length.

Fitting is easy as the belt simply clicks into the existing seat belt and buckle and fits most Australian cars made over the last 8 years.

For vehicle Compatibility give us a call.

2. Extend the Seatbelt

We add a certified tether strap to the bottom of the seatbelt


My child undoes the seatbelt while we are driving - what can I do?

The  Angel Guard appears to be the best device to  overcome this.

We sell them for $30.00ea


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