Hydrogen Peroxide 35%

Food Grade

We are often asked the question


“Why do you sell Hydrogen Peroxide”?


The answer is because I tried to buy Hydrogen Peroxide 35% food grade in small quantities and was unable to do so. So I now sell it in small quantities to people who want to buy it - Do a search on Google for its’ uses.

It can be made into 3% by diluting 11 to 1 with distilled water.  
Dilution kits are available which have instructions, labels,

dropper bottles etc for only $25.00

1001 uses for cleaning, health, sprouting seeds etc.

One Litre of H2O2 35% Food Grade $25.00

Three Litres of H2O2 35% Food Grade $60.00

Five Litres of H2O2 35% Food Grade $90.00

Twenty Litres of H2O2 35% Food Grade $280.00 **


If you would like to purchase this please send us an email or

give us a phonecall.


You can collect this in Christchurch or we can send it anywhere in New Zealand.


DG Courier from $10.00 (Local Towns) or $32-$65 Other Towns

Rural Delivery  No Longer Available


** Please contact us for a freight quote.




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Hydrogen Peroxide